Search engine optimization (SEO) for dentists is the most effective way to market your practice on Google search in order to reach new patients online. With a strong dental SEO strategy, your practice should appear high in the search results on page one of Google when someone searches phrases like “dentist near me.” Preferably one of the top 3 results because they get the majority of the new patient calls.

If you want to attract new patients that are searching on Google for a dentist, then you need dental SEO (search engine optimization). Marketing on Google is essential for long-term practice growth. The top 3 dentists on Google in your town get the majority of the new patient inquiries. The only way to become a top dentist on Google is with dental SEO.

The cost of dental SEO can really vary dramatically. Managing your marketing internally does not have a monetary cost, but it rarely provides a tangible benefit because the majority of dental staff are not digital marketing experts. Our SEO clients see profitable results with monthly budgets ranging from $500 to $2500 or more monthly. Your monthly marketing budget for dental SEO depends on the size and goals of your business.

We have developed a system that consistently attracts new patients and casework for our dentists month over month. Most importantly, our dental SEO services provide predictable and profitable results. And the good news is that we don’t require any of our clients to sign long-term contracts. You can cancel your services anytime with 30 days’ written notice.

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